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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Hamster Mom Surfs the Web (and a call for Guest Posters!)

I was bored, so I decided to search the web and figure out what happens when you type "hamster" into all the search engines. I left out Wikipedia and such, because they pay search engines to be the first result.

Hamsters: Hamsterific! About hamsters for hamster lovers!



Intrigued by finding this one website I'd never heard of as the first result on two search engines, I went to go check it out. 
Hmmmm, a wiki. 
Academic Kids is a wiki, and so I went back to Yahoo and Bing to look at the next search result.

Skipping over "WikiInfo," I came across the About.com ExoticPets page for hamsters. 
Interesting, but now I was on the hunt for an actual website, not just an article.
With that, I got back to Hamsterific, which, by the way, is a good hamster site.

The real point of this post is a call for guest posters...
I'll be taking a blog break soon, and want to have some fresh, informative content about hamsters. 

If you're interested, please email me at hamsterheart777@gmail.com so that we can work out details. Thanks so much for the interest! As for the dates, I'm thinking maybe the 19th to March 4th (giveaway winners are announced on the 18th.)


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