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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Albino Hamsters-- taking a look at some of the least understood hamsters

We've all heard about the unfortunate plight of wild albino animals-- they're different, they stand out, they're an easy kill for predators. So I set out on a mission to find out just how this affects hamsters and everyone who loves and cares about them.

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Above is a photo of a true albino hamster-- that is, a hamster whose genes have rid them of pigment. They appear white with light pink skin and slightly red to pink eyes.The red/pink eyes thing is a big one... many white hamsters are mistakenly called albino even though they have dark (brown/black) eyes.

The Facts
  • albino hamsters can occur in both Syrian and dwarf blodlines
  • in both cases, however, albinos are usually smaller than their pigmented siblings
  • in some cases, albino hamsters are born without eyes and die young (according to the UK Hamster Society.) These rare cases are known as anoptalmalic whites.
  • contrary to popular belief, it is unproven that the eyesight of an albino hamster is any worse than that of it's pigmented siblings, because hamsters as a whole tend toward bad eyesight.
Sorry for having such a short first post, there will be more :)


  1. What a cute and interesting blog! Good luck with A to Z.

    Choice City Native

  2. interesting! I had no idea hamsters in general didn't hear well!

  3. A blog about hamsters? AWESOME!
    Wow! One of the most unique blogs I've come across in A to Z. Kudos to you and your cute, furry, adorable little subjects!

  4. Hello Inky. I'm Victor. I'm a guinea pig. I'm bigger than you. I thought your albino hamster post was very interesting. Auntie Doris says we don't have truly albino guinea pigs but we do have pink-eyed whites, which look like albinos.
    I'm not albino, I'm an aby cross.
    I hope you enjoy your A to Z challenge. I'm doing food. I like food. :)

  5. hm. I wonder if an albino hamster is Nature's mistake or is it bred this way?

  6. That's really interesting... I didn't know that!

  7. Albino hamsters!!!
    I have an albino hamster called She-Ra Hamster of Power. She was both insane and awesome.


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