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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rodent Recipe Challenge ~ the April ingredient is (C is for)...

... carrots!

Truly a hamster cooking classic, carrots have appeared in many a rodent recipe, including this wonderful piece by Mathijs van der Paauw.

via here
So, what exactly makes hamsters and carrots a perfect RRC pair? Read on.
(even if you're not a Rodent Recipe Challenge participant, read on.)

  • carrots are a perfect amount of crunchy to wear down the ever-growing teeth of hamsters. Wearing these teeth down takes a lifetime and hamsters need to gnaw. 
  • they can easily be split up into tiny pieces, so a hamster can easily carry and pouch them. (hamster blogger hint: pouching hamsters are adorable.)
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  • they're very versatile... if your hamster likes simple, that works just as well as complicated.
  • they're orange. Come on, how many other crunchy, orange, healthy foods are there out there?
For any A-to-Z'ers here for the first time, here's a quick breakdown of the Rodent Recipe Challenge. This is a monthly cooking challenge I present to my followers (most of them hamster bloggers, owners, or pet enthusiasts) in which each month they create and document a recipe highlighting the hamster-friendly ingredient that I announce in a post like this one. You can find out more here, just comment if you want to join for the rest of the year or just for this month.

And now without further ado::




  1. When I read C I thought you chose cucumber, hehe... But carrot will also do. That's one fine ingredient. Thanks, Inky! :-)

  2. Yummy carrots and i like your hamster photo above.
    Do check out my C at GAC a-z.

  3. oh my gosh, how cute! Love your theme..

  4. i love your theme for the a-z and i think your header is just adorable.
    Great A-Z post!


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