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Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Teddy Bear-- the history of an adorable fluffy friend

Teddy bear hamsters are from the same line of breeding as your typical syrian, but they have longer hair. To show you just how much longer, here's a photo.

via here
The silky fur grows longer on males as a general rule, although the females remain larger in full size.
This fur grows first close to the tail on younger hamsters, after filling out to the rest of the body.
Yeah, I'm sure you want to see more adorable pictures like the one above, but since I don't have a teddy bear, these are all from Pinterest and We Heart It. 



  1. It so fluffy I'm going to die! (Haha, quote from Despicable Me.:D) Love the pictures!

  2. Tiy have a lovely blog, I have really enjoyed reading it. My cat, now gone:( Decided once he was going to bring in a live chipmunk!!!! At least I can say he didn't get the job done, caught him just in time! LOL He just looked at me like "what is wrong with you?? We could have such fun".


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